Jun 25, 2020

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Six Benefits Of IPv6 | Network Computing More Efficient Routing. IPv6 reduces the size of routing tables and makes routing more efficient and … IPv4 vs IPv6: What's The Difference, And Should You Care

Oct 10, 2017 · While we aren't using IPv6 in our environment, I read its best practice to no longer disable it. I'd like at minimum, to configure the DNS settings on both domain controllers to point to each other, similar to how it's done in IPv4. For example, DC1 is and DC2 is

IPv6 settings - Xfinity Help and Support Forums - 3301483 For IPv6: When the NIC is started and IPv6 is enabled w/ SLAAC support, the NIC generates a unique 64 bit address to be used as the host portion of the IPv6 address. It uses fe80:: (a :: means all zeros until the required number of bits is filled, in this case fe80 is 16 bits, we need 64 bits total to be combined with the 64 bits the NIC Fusion IPv6 Tool – Sonic Using the Fusion IPv6 Tool. After selecting the Fusion IPv6 Tool from the Member Tools menu, you will be prompted to select a service address for which you would like to enable IPv6 service. Please note you will need an IPv6-compatible residential gateway (RG) or router; for more information, consult the IPv6 Tool minimum requirements. If a Apple tells app devs to use IPv6 as it's 1.4 times faster