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Green Dot MoneyPak Scam: How to Protect Yourself - NerdWallet How to use one: Buy a MoneyPak at major retailers such as CVS or 7-Eleven, for a fee of up to $5.95, and add cash amounts generally from $20 to $500. Keep your receipt. Keep your receipt. MoneyPak Help | MoneyPak If you have a Green Dot, GoBank or Walmart MoneyCard, enter your card number. If we can recover funds, we will try to complete your MoneyPak deposit for you. 16-digit card number

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A prepaid card is a card you can use to pay for things. You buy a card with money loaded on it. Then you can use the card to spend up to that amount. A prepaid card is also called a prepaid debit card, or a stored-value card. You can buy prepaid cards at many stores and online. Many prepaid cards come with the Visa or MasterCard logo. These

You can do that too. Already have a MoneyPak? Set up your account. *Must be 18 or older to use this product. Service fee and limits apply. Card must be activated and personalized with cardholder’s name. Personal information, internet access, working email address, and mobile phone are required to use MoneyPak. Check card eligibility on

Cash App supports debit and credit cards from Visa Cash App supports debit and credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Most government-enabled prepaid cards are also supported, but depositing to these cards does not work. ATM cards, Paypal, and business debit cards are not supported at this time. Can I Load My NetSpend Card With a Credit Card You can add money to a Netspend card in a number of ways, though using a credit card is not one of them. Tip. You can't add funds to your Netspend account using a credit card. Direct Deposit. One way to load money to a Netspend card account is to have your paycheck directly deposited to it. You can also receive some government payments as