Aug 06, 2018

linux - How can I add a regular user to the sudoers file In Ubuntu Linux, the sudo group can run sudo and it is easy to add someone to that group: usermod -a -G sudo username Your mileage may vary with other distros, however, someone thought the group method made more sense than the sudoers file getting itself updatified. How to enable sudo on Red Hat Enterprise Linux - Red Hat Aug 15, 2018 How to Add User to Sudoers on Ubuntu 18.04 Using 6 Best Jan 05, 2020

Instead of adding users to the sudoers file individually you generally add them to the sudo group, which is already in the sudoers file, e.g. adduser Oakredditer sudo will add user Oakredditer to the sudo group, allowing them to use sudo. level 1. 3 points · 1 month ago.

How to Add a User to Sudoers on Ubuntu - LinOxide Jun 29, 2020 How To Add Users To The Sudoer File On Linux

Jan 15, 2011

How to Create a New User on Raspberry Pi? – Raspberry tips Adding user pat to group sudo Done. That’s it, your new user is now allowed to user the sudo command But there is still one difference with the pi user: The system will ask you password each time you’ll use the command. Sudo without password. If you prefer to keep it as with the default pi user, you need to follow this procedure: You will How to Fix "Username is not in the sudoers file. This