Welcome to the Pokémon Uranium Wikia! Pokémon Uranium is a free fangame made in RPG Maker XP and Pokémon Essentials. The game takes place in the Tandor region, where the player must collect 8 Gym Badges in order to compete in the Tandor Regional Championship. Along the way, the player must also fill up their PokéDex with the entries of more than 190 different species of Pokémon. About

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TibiaWiki is a Wiki project which was started by Erig on November 22, 2004. It has since become one of the largest and most frequently updated sources of Tibian information on the internet, reaching more than 1,900,000 visits per month at it's peak, with more than 450,000 being unique visitors (in 2010, ranking second among all supported/promoted fansites). Pokémon Uranium Wiki | Fandom

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any jungler can do dragon lvl 3. udyr can solo dragon at level 2 too 2015-03-03T08:28:13Z