Mar 02, 2016 · 15 Methods to Access Blocked Websites in School & College. Addition to the most preferred ways to access blocked websites using proxy servers and Google translate, I have listed some more interesting ways to access blocked sites which have ability to unblock blocked sites and open almost any blocked websites on the internet.

Mar 27, 2020 · I would like to block internet access to all websites except a few (6 or 7 websites). Different computers will be allowed to access different websites, for this reason I would prefer to use the hosts file in each machine to do this. Currently I am using the hosts file to block the usual "bad" websites but this is no longer working. Jul 22, 2014 · For complete anonymity on the Web and to be able to access all websites blocked in your country, a virtual private network (VPN) is the best solution. The best VPNs are not free. It might also be suggested that much of the restrict by geo location practise is totally unnecessary and achieves nothing other than making it difficult for some legitimate users to access the service. Mar 21, 2019 · [Solved] Cannot Access HTTPs Secure Websites In Any Browser On My PC Some of our readers asked reported us the following problem that they are no longer able to access or open the https secure websites, this problem started happening to on of my friend computer when she tried opening some https websites the browser which was IE 9 on her

Choose a website from the list that appears, and you can toggle permissions like notifications, camera access, and access to the full screen mode on or off. To cancel all the permissions a site

May 11, 2020 · How to Access Any Website Without Blocks. Are any of your favorite websites blocked? Are your parents over-protective, and have the parental controls set super high? Or do you just want to access websites on school computers, or library

Microsoft Edge - All websites Blocked with "Site not Secure" This one has me beaten and I've searched around for ages for a solution. Basically, I cannot access any websites whatsoever through Microsoft Edge, yet I can with no issues using Firefox.

Jun 09, 2019 · I can access some websites, but not all of them. I can access some websites, but not all of them. I can't access my bank or other secure websites.