Any ideas why? Flash and Java enabled and iplayer work fine on Firefox, chrome and chromium. Also HTML player doesn't work either - BBC advise that this has replaced Flash player. Thanks for any feedback. Teekay. Reply Quote 0. 2 Replies Last reply . Steffie last edited by Gwen-Dragon .

Kindle Fire HD - Can't get Iplayer to work — Digital Spy Try uninstalling the Iplayer app then installing the bbc media player app first. Then reinstall the Iplayer app, it does work with both sd and hd versions of the fire. There also is a known issue with some wifi connections which the BBC have said will be fixed in the next update. Does BBC iPlayer Work Abroad in 2019 - You came here looking for does BBC iPlayer work abroad in 2019, but before we answer how to watch BBC iPlayer abroad, we should probably explain as to why you can’t watch it abroad as it is though. The official reason is due to the fact because if you are abroad, that you aren’t paying a … How to Watch BBC iPlayer on Kodi (from any location May 09, 2018

BBC iPlayer requires a UK IP address in order to connect, otherwise the BBC's servers will reject your connection. This means you need to be connecting from within the UK. Ensure your firewall is allowing get_iplayer to connect. If you are unsure how to do this, turn …

BBC iPlayer Not Working? Here’s How to Fix BBC iPlayer May 05, 2020

iPlayer also works with Chromecast and the iPad app supports AirPlay via Apple TV. iPlayer is also available natively on numerous Smart TVs and set-top boxes. Services that support iPlayer include

BBC iplayer servers are down march 15, not working at all in the app and on desktop. Rob All I am seeing with the BBC iPlayer on Mac and Windows is a black blank screen, nothing and updated FLash etc. Why is BBC iPlayer failing to load on my connected TV If BBC iPlayer is failing or struggling to load on your connected TV, we recommend: ensuring your TV's firmware is up to date; trying a factory reset Why am I seeing an error message when I try to play BBC Why does IE11 only work for Windows 10S? BBC iPlayer gets the rights to audio and video in specific formats only. Earlier Windows versions do not support these formats. Solved: BBC IPLAYER PROBLEM - NOW TV Community