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IPv6 Subnetting Made Easy | Techxcellence! May 09, 2011 Mastering IP Subnetting Forever This is the primary tool that makes the process so easy –This box represents any single number in an IP address byte (1 octet) and may be created in pencil or pen (or digitally). Getting to know the MB-Key 32 8 Steps to Understanding IP Subnetting Dale Janssen is a co-founder of Techopedia and has been involved in the IT Industry for most of his career. He purchased his first computer in 1978 - an Ohio Scientific computer with a whopping memory size of 48K, operating a relic of an operating system called CPM. Expand your network by supernetting IP addresses

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Subnetting and supernetting made simple : eLearning "Master Subnetting and Supernetting by following along with networking expert Zanis Khan. This topic is a subset of Zanis Khan's course, The Definitive Preparation Guide to the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) Certification Exam. There are two topics within this course: Subnetting, become equipped to explain subnetting in this first topic in the Subnetting and Supernetting Made Simple Subnetting Made Easy | FAQShop

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Route Summarization - CIDR and Supernetting are the same thing. This is where you can aggregate networks together into larger networks beyond their natural network boundary. Although Supernetting/CIDR might be considered a type of summarization, “summarization” generally is considered to be constrained by natural (classful) network boundaries. Supernetting, IP Supernetting, IP Supernetting tutorial Supernetting is the method for combining two or more contiguous network address spaces to simulate a single, larger, address space. You may remember, in Subnetting we are adding the bits from the host part to the network part. But in Supernetting we do the reverse. Here in supernetting we add bits from the network part to the host part. Subnetting Made Easy - Part 2 - Global Knowledge Subnetting Made Easy - Part 2. Subnetting Made Easy - Part 2. Date: Oct. 10, 2013 Duration: 25m 14s. Instructor John Harmon continues his explanation of subnetting by showing how subnet masks can be used to sub-divide networks.