Jun 06, 2017 · Google tracks every search you’ve ever made, and targets ads and search results to you based on that information. But you can disable those features and delete almost all that data. To do so, go FindLaw is a huge legal website and attorney directory with over 15,000,000 results on the Google Search index. The website is home to hundreds of thousands of civil and criminal court case records. If your information appears on FindLaw.com and you want to have it removed just fill out the form above to get started. Dec 01, 2014 · However, this isn’t a surefire way to remove whatever you want from search results. Google looks at each request carefully and make the final decision on whether to remove it or not. According to Google, they have only approved about half of all removal requests. Apr 08, 2019 · Google usually doesn’t remove images from their search results. This is because Google doesn’t physically have the images, they are just indexed through other websites. If you’ve deleted all instances of your owned photo and it’s still showing up in Google search, you may request that Google remove the offending search result directly. To do this: Visit Google’s Remove outdated content page. Copy and paste the web address (URL) that contained the now-deleted content. Hit ‘Request removal.’

Oct 24, 2018 · To clear just the last hour of search history, click the “Delete last hour” button. How to Clear Your Google Search History on Mobile. On a smartphone, tap the menu button at the top-left corner of the Google search results page. Tap “Your Data in Search.” Scroll down to the “Delete your search activity section” and tap either

May 12, 2020 · Open the Settings menu. You can access this by clicking the Gear icon in upper-right corner of the page and select Settings from the menu that appears. 3 Click the "delete all" link.

So the first step in removing your image from Google Search is to change the album privacy to any level except "Public" or to "Private" if links were posted to a public website. Note: this option no longer exists since Picasa Web Albums is disabled. You can delete the album in Google Photos (make a new one first if you want to keep it).

Answered August 21, 2018. First, you can not delete it but you can hide it from Google search engine. Fortunately, Linkedin has an option to hide your profile from search engines. As a fair warning, this could take several weeks for your profile to become completely invisible. Here's how you do it.