May 23, 2013 · One, I have never, ever said a single deragotary or cuss word on Instagram on my account or anyone else's. I have never made a hateful message. I have never impersonated anyone. I have never posted an inappropiate picture in my life (literally my account could be a little 10-year olds, it's so innocent).

Instagram took another page from the Snapchat playbook on Tuesday when it announced that it's bringing disappearing photos and videos to its messaging platform, Instagram Direct. How to delete your Instagram account (after saving your Feb 22, 2017 HOW DO YOU DELETE PHOTOS FROM WINDOWS 10 ON MY PC Feb 10, 2016

If you’re looking to delete more than 30 photos, you can’t. This tool won’t allow you to delete more than 30 photos because of Instagram’s API limits. Therefore, you can only delete 30 photos in an hour. If you’re wondering if it’s safe. It is. I’ve tested it on my Instagram account and I managed to remove all my photos in ONE DAY.

This is why teens are apparently deleting most of their May 27, 2016 7 Instagram Fails and How to Avoid Them - Later Blog Using a free tool like Later to schedule your Instagram posts in advance can help you can boost your engagement, drive traffic, and gain new followers and customers!. Instagram Fails #3: Posting Low-Quality Photos. Instagram is all about the visuals. Needless to say, if you post blurry or otherwise bad photos, don’t expect to gain much of a following.

6. Choose Delete and confirm your decision. And you can also apply the similar method to delete photos from iPhone. Besides, if you want to delete multiple Instagram photos at one time, you need to use computer to finish erasing Instagram photos in bulk. Instagram has a limitation that cannot offer users to delete.

May 22, 2013 How to Delete Photos from Instagram - Free Instagram tutorials Aug 03, 2015 Instagram keeps deleting my pictures? | Yahoo Answers May 03, 2013