1. Launch Google Play Store 2. Click the Hamburger Menu 3. tap “My apps & games” 4. tap the library tab 5. tap the “X” for the unwanted apps 6. tap [OK] on the Remove verification box. Reply

Delete Account - Apps on Google Play Apr 27, 2020 How to Manage and Remove Apps Connected to Your Online Sep 12, 2017 How do I delete my app from Google Play?

Google Account

Thankfully, Google Pla Store now lets you uninstall Android apps remotely from web interface or any other device connected to the internet. What this means is that now you can send an uninstall request remotely to your Google account and when your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi, 3G or GPRS account, Google will automatically process that request.

Apr 27, 2020

How to Remove Connected apps and Sites from Google Account